FlowFlex SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Low Level Nasal Non-Invasive Swab Antigen Rapid Test Kits From £1.80 Per Test

from £49.50

Quantity Price Per Test (Ex Vat)
10 Tests £2.50
20 Tests £2.40
120 Tests £2.20
240 Tests £2.10
480 Tests £2.00
1920 Tests £1.90
4800 Tests £1.80




The FlowFlex Rapid Lateral Flow Antigen Test Kit uses the latest patented technology to detect proteins, ensuring that it can detect new strains of the COVID-19 virus. Using a simple nasal swab within 2cm of the nose makes it extremely easy to administer an accurate test. • U.K. Government validated at Public Health England, Porton Down Laboratories. • Full Home Test Approval in the UK and EU. • NOW FDA Authorized. It is easy to use, very affordable and accurately delivers results within 15 minutes, making it extremely suitable for testing large groups of people by health professionals. The test has been developed to discover proteins from the COVID-19 virus via nasal swabs. This test kit is fully home test approved. It is suitable for testing large groups of people, including regular testing of employees, education, healthcare, sports, commercial, retail, travel and care industries.